Thursday, June 13, 2013

KMM Full Information by Vaibhav Jayeshbhai Mehta

This is the Official Blog of "Shree Kalyanraiji Mitra Mandal [KMM]".,.

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Hello friends, 

Welcome to the page of "Shree Kalyanraiji Mitra Mandal (K. M. M.)". We have recently completed our 18years (1996-2013) of K. M. M. 

We have started our Mandal from the year 1996. Since 1996 to 1998 in the Presidency of Shri Alpeshbhai Rana our mandal was known as "Shree Hari OM Sarvajanik Mitra Mandal". Then from 1999 to 2009 in the Presidency of Shri Chiragbhai Mehta and Shri Mayankbhai Rana the mandal has changed their name into "Shree Sarvajanik Mitra Mandal", but thereafter from 2010 till today in the PRESIDENCY of Shri Dakshilbhai Mehta and Shri Samipbhai Rana the mandal again changed their name into, "SHREE KALYANRAIJI MITRA MANDAL (K. M. M.)". This name is given because of the temple of Lord Kalyanraiji, which was situated there in that area (street / faliya) which is very famous temple, in Tapi District and has been a famous centre for get-together of Hindus.

== Basic Info ==

Founded          :           October 7, 1996
Location          :           Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir, Junagam, Fort Songadh, District- Tapi, Gujarat, INDIA 394670.

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== About ==

Gujarati            :           શ્રી કલ્યાણરાયજી મિત્ર મંડળ (કે. એમ. એમ.)
Devanagari       :           श्री कल्याणरायजी मित्र मंडळ (के. एम. एम.)
English             :           Shree Kalyanraiji Mitra Mandal (K. M. M.)
Abbreviated    :            K. M. M. or KMM

Ganesh Chaturthi        :           Shree Kalyanraiji Ganesh Mitra Mandal  (શ્રી કલ્યાણરાયજી ગણેશ મિત્ર મંડળ)

Holi                            :           Shree Kalyanraiji Holi Mahotsav  (શ્રી કલ્યાણરાયજી હોળી મહોત્સવ)

Janmashtami               :           Shree Kalyanraiji Janmashtami Mahotsav  (શ્રી કલ્યાણરાયજી જન્માષ્ટમી મહોત્સવ)


1. Dakshil Mehta
2. Brijesh Rana
3. Samip Rana
4. Ketan Rana
5. Mayank Rana
6. Bhavin Mehta
7. Ritesh Rana
8. Pratik Mehta
9. Rinkesh Rana
10. Snehal Rana
11. Ankit Rana
12. Vaibhav Mehta
13. Mihir Mehta
14. Hardik Rana
15. Mahesh Rana
16. Rahul Chaudhari
17. Saurabh Chaudhari
18. Nikhil Chaudhari
19. Naresh Vyas
20. Krushna Vyas
21. Alpesh Rana
22. Preyesh Patel


23. Parth Mehta
24. Parth Rana
25. Hardik Mehta
26. Nikhil Shah
27. Keyur Rana
28. Dhruv Mehta
29. Marmik Patel
30. Jash Mehta
31. Harsh Shah
32. Amit Vallecha
33. Harshil Rana
34. Chirag Rana
35. Jay Rana
36. Srushtik Pancholi
37. Nikhil Shah
38. Saurav Chaudhary
39. Suraj Gore.,.


18th Janmashtami Mahotsav
Date: 28th August 2013
Time: 08:00pm
Host: Shree Kalyanraiji Janmashtami Mahotsav [Team KMM].
Venue: Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir, Junagam, Fort Songadh, District - Tapi, Gujarat, INDIA 394 670.
In the Presidency of: Shri Hardikbhai Rana.,.

18th Ganesh Mahotsav
Date: 09th September 2013
Host: Shree Kalyanraiji Ganesh Mitra Mandal [Team KMM].
Venue: Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir, Junagam, Fort Songadh, District - Tapi, Gujarat, INDIA 394 670.
In the Presidency of: Shri Samipbhai Rana.,.

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